Watch the new 2 Chainz BFF music video ft. Jeezy!

Jeezy recently jumped on 2 Chainz BFF track for the remix and now the rappers have dropped the music video for it. Zaytoven produced the track for 2 Chainz BFF which originally appeared on 2 Chainz Trapavelli Tre mixtape.

The music video for 2 Chainz BFF track is over the top with a turnt up party in a mansion filled with stacks of cash, Avion bottles flowing and hot models dancing all around. The Stupid Geniuses directed the video for 2 Chainz BFF and delivered some pretty dope visuals of a flashy lifestyle. Even Cap 1 and Zaytoven make guest appearances in the 2 Chainz BFF video.

Rappers 2 Chainz and Jeezy are definitely married to the money in the flashy BFF track and the music video provides the proper visuals of a flashy lifestyle to coincide with lyrics to the song. From the gold chains thrown across the kitchen counters and pretty models showering and dancing in money to 2 Chainz sitting at the top of his golden throne, 2 Chainz BFF video reminds you that having money is all life is about to these ATL rappers!

Now 2 Chainz is preping for his joint mixtape with Lil Wayne, ColleGrove. Check out the 2 Chainz BFF video featuring Jeezy up above!



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