Ab Soul Womanogamy
Ab Soul Womanogamy (Video)

Check out this dope set of visuals for the Ab Soul Womanogamy record here on SuperIndyKings!

Los Angeles rapper Ab Soul ended his 2016 with the release of his highly anticipated album Do What Thou Wilt which dropped on December 9th. Ever since then, the rapper has been rolling out the new music and visuals non-stop. For his latest offering we’ve received a dope new music video for the Ab Soul Womanogamy track. And let’s just say that this is one video you will want to be careful about who you watch it around because it’s oozing sex appeal everywhere you look!

The video opens with a clip where you can see a line of dudes being denied entry into a stripclub full of hotties. Then Ab Soul shows up in a fly whip and gets in the club with no problem. Check out the comical Yellow Nguyen directed visual for Womanogamy down below. When you’re done watching the music video head over here to pick up a copy of the TDE rapper’s new Do What Thou Wilt album if you haven’t already got it.



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