The History of Adult Swim

We all have that specific programming that we cherish from when we were children, for many, Adult Swim is just that. This is a program block that is featured on Cartoon Network. Adult Swim is meant to be for an older audience, when the Cartoon Network demographic is supposed to be asleep…but many of us were not asleep! We would stay up to watch this unorthodox and sometimes bizarre (in a good way) programming.

We have received a ton of great shows from this night-time programming block. To name a few – The Boondocks, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken and much more.

Below you can check out an  in-depth breakdown of the Network that gave a home for various artist to explore.

Video narrated and published by Youtuber – Kaptain Kristian, go ahead and give him a subscribe.



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