Auction For The Promise Club Moonlight (Audio) @AFTPC

Take a listen to this new Auction For The Promise Club Moonlight record here on SuperIndyKings!

The indie rock trio known as Auction For The Promise Club has released a brand new single along with announcing their debut album will be dropping this summer on June 9th. The Cornish band has become known for their powerful sound full of guitar riffs blended perfectly with sounds of grunge and pop. Their trademark sounds shine through in this new Auction For The Promise Club Moonlight single which is packed full of energy and melodic sounds.

The rising indie rock band is comprised of lead vocalist Zoe White Chambers, her brother Toby White Chambers and their friend Perran Tremewan and they hail from St.Agnes, Cornwall. This new Moonlight single is the first taste of new music and lead single from their upcoming debut album, Silence. This is already shaping up to be a great year for Auction For The Promise Club so make sure you stay tuned to watch them on their journey towards success. In the meantime, you can go ahead and press play so you can enjoy listening to their new Moonlight single down below! To get more familiar with the band and some of their previous releases, make sure you check out their official website.



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