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The Bodega Brovas Show Out (Video)

Check out the official music video for The Bodega Brovas Show Out here on SuperIndyKings

The Bodega Brovas have dropped a hot new set of visuals for their smash hit Show Out. This new Bodega Brovas Show Out single has been taking overĀ the college radios. So far their Show Out singleĀ been well received by the fans, and now we’re getting to see a music video for the record.

The Bodega Brovas is a trio consisting of rappers Headkrack, Travii The 7th and Keynote. They’ve teamed up and created a new and unique sound for the hip hop scene. For their latest offering, the trio take turns delivering some powerful barz over the Clayton Lauren produced track.

Along with dropping their First Eye Media directed music video for the Show Out record, The Bodega Brovas have announced they’ve got a new album in the works! The new album will be titled Loaded Guns And Alcohol and is set to be released on July 15th. While Show Out will not being appearing on the album, you can check out the official music video for the single down below!



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