Breeze Dollaz Everybody Love Dollaz 2 (Mixtape) [Hosted by @DonCannon] @BreezeDollaz

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Connecticut rap artist Breeze Dollaz has been dropping new music none stop since dropping the second installment in his Everybody Love Dollaz mixtape series. This new Breeze Dollaz Everybody Love Dollaz 2 mixtape is hosted by Don Cannon and has a total of 13 new tracks for you to check out. Out of the 13 tracks on the project, only 3 of them have a guest feature. Check out the track list for Breeze Dollaz latest mixtape down below to see who he recruited for the features and production.

1.) To My Head (Prod. by Blasian Beats)
2.) Its A Shame (Prod. by Blasian Beats)
3.) Tonight (Prod. by RICANDTHADEUS)
4.) How It Go (Prod. by RICANDTHADEUS)
5.) Shoot For The Stars (Prod. by INTL Show)
6.) Everything New ft. Y.A (Prod. by Scott Styles)
7.) Me & You ft. Naeveah (Prod. by INTL Show)
8.) X That (Prod. by RICANDTHADEUS)
9.) Substance Abuse ft. Masspike Miles (Prod. by JRell of the InkWell)
10.) Here I Go (Prod. by INTL Show)
11.) Hands In The Air (Prod. by INTL Show)
12.) For More (Prod. by Blasian Beats)
13.) Alternative (Prod. by Blasian Beats)

You can take a listen to the Everybody Love Dollaz 2 mixtape in it’s entirety down below! Once you’re done listening to the hot new project, make sure you head over here so you can download yourself a copy of the mixtape.



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