Breeze Dollaz Love Of Dollaz (Mixtape) @BreezeDollaz

You can now stream & download the new Breeze Dollaz Love Of Dollaz mixtape here on SuperIndyKings!

Just mere hours after dropping his No Hook music, Breeze Dollaz is back with his new Love Of Dollaz mixtape. The new Breeze Dollaz Love Of Dollaz mixtapes comes laced with 12 new tracks for us to dig into. And of course he picked up some clean production and hot features from samiliar faces. So go ahead and check out the tracklist for Love Of Dollaz down below to see who all makes an appearance on the mixtape.


1.) Breeze Dollaz – Right Time (Prod. by King Corn)
2.) Breeze Dollaz – Dancer (Prod. by Blasian Beats)
3.) Breeze Dollaz – Yea Yea (Prod. by TheBeatPlug)
4.) Breeze Dollaz – Used To (Prod. by Blasian Beats)
5.) Breeze Dollaz ft. Masspike Miles – Can You Stand The Rain (Prod. by InkkWell)
6.) Breeze Dollaz – Never Know (Prod. by Scott Supreme)
7.) Breeze Dollaz – Closer (Prod. by IDBeatz)
8.) Breeze Dollaz ft. Deon4Ever – Sometime (Prod. by InkkWell)
9.) Breeze Dollaz – Be Ok (Interlude) (Prod. by Intl Show)
10.) Breeze Dollaz – Cover Girl (Prod. by RicAndThadeus)
11.) Breeze Dollaz ft. Deon4Ever – No Excuses (Before I Let You Go) (Prod. by InkkWell)
12.) Breeze Dollaz – Mi Amor (Prod. by Scott Supreme)

Now that you’ve seen the tracklist, it’s time to take a listen to the Love Of Dollaz mixtape. So go ahead and press play so you can enjoy listening to Breeze’s brand new mixtape down below. Afterwards, you can also head over here to download a copy of his Love Of Dollaz mixtape for your own collection.



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