Callum Stewart The Dam
Callum Stewart The Dam (Video)

Check out this amazing new music video for the Callum Stewart The Dam record here on SuperIndyKings!

Northern Irish alt-pop singer, Callum Stewart returns to bring us a stunning new set of visuals for his latest smash hit single, The Dam. This new single follows up his highly successful debut single, Parachute, which the singer dropped last year. The music video for this new Callum Stewart The Dam record follows the love story of a young couple through all of their ups and downs.

Callum Stewart’s new The Dam record is an uplifting song about holding on to hope, surrounded in a world full of chaos. This latest offering shows off the rising North Coast Ireland native’s stunning vocal capabilities and talents as a songwriter. Press play so you can enjoy watching this stunning new set of visuals for the new Callum Stewart The Dam single down below. After you finishing watching the amazing new music video, you can also head over here and pick up a copy of the single for your own collection of music.



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