Death Team Work
Death Team Work (Audio)

Take a listen to this hot new Death Team Work single here on SuperIndyKings!

Stockholm duo Death Team have released their brand new single Work, out now through Warner Music. This new Death Team Work single captures the duo bounding into the New Year with an inspired anthem to shake off boredom of everyday life. Featuring rolling hip-hop beats and sky-high choruses, Work is the sound of Death Team becoming bigger than ever before.

Work follows up the highly acclaimed release of Death Team’s last single Messed Up, which saw the band end the year on a high note, including support from Napster, HMV and Pop Buzz. Death Team first rose to prominence with their 2015 debut, Fucking Bitches In The Hood’ which topped the iTunes Chart in Sweden. The band continued to dominate with their following single Gold, which saw them reach the Top 10 in the Global Spotify Viral Chart.

The Scandinavian duo have a dedicated fan base including the likes of Charli XCX, who has declared Death Team her favorite Swedish band and given them frequent support on her Beats 1 radio show. Now with the release of Work, Death Team are set to expand their irresistible reach even further through 2017. Press play so you can check out the record below!



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