Farewell Angelina Shotgun Summer (Audio) @farewellamusic

Check out this hot new Farewell Angelina Shotgun Summer record here on SuperIndyKings

Take a listen to this hot new record from Farewell Angelina, a rising country group from Nashville, Tennessee. This new Farewell Angelina Shotgun Summer song comes just in time for the summer season. Shotgun Summer is the perfect anthem for this summer that you can play on repeat all season long!

Farewell Angelina is a group of four talented singers from Nashville, Tennessee. The group  is comprised of singers Lisa Torres, Nicole Witt, Andrea Young and Elizabeth Elkins. Their new song, Shotgun Summer is only their second official single to be released since signing to Keith Stegall‘s new label. It follows their successful debut single, Hillbilly 401K. Go ahead and press that play button so you can take a listen to the new Farewell Angelina single, Shotgun Summer! And be on the look out for their upcoming EP which is expected to drop sometime soon!



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