Ferris & Sylvester Berlin (Audio) @FerrisSylvester

You should take a listen to this new Ferris & Sylvester Berlin record here on SuperIndyKings!

The americana/ folk music duo Ferris & Sylvester are fresh off the release of their debut EP, Yellow Line, which dropped on June 23rd. They decided to release the Berlin track as one of the well received project’s leading singles. This new Ferris & Sylvester Berlin single tells the story of getting over a bitter break up. If you’re not already familiar with this London based duo, then now is a great time to start following their music. Go ahead and press play so you can take a listen to their Berlin single down below. When you’re done listening to the record, make sure you also remember to head over here so you can pick up a copy of their Yellow Line EP if you haven’re already got it for yourself.



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