Ferris & Sylvester Berlin
Ferris & Sylvester Berlin (Video)

You should check out the amazing new visuals for the Ferris & Sylvester Berlin single here on SuperIndyKings!

Folk duo Ferris & Sylvester dropped their debut EP, The Yellow Line, over the summer on June 23rd. Following the release of their EP, they landed in Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Country Artists To Watch in July. They premiered their Berlin record just ahead of the EP’s release as one of the project’s leading singles. An amazing set of visuals for the Ferris & Sylvester Berlin record has also been unveiled.

The clean visuals for Berlin were filmed and edited by Ben Radcliffe with assistance from Gabriel Jackson. Go ahead and press play so you can check out Ferris & Sylvester’s music video for Berlin down below. You can also go here to pick up a copy of their The Yellow Line EP if you haven’t already.



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