Fifth Harmony Angel
Fifth Harmony Angel (Video)

You should watch this amazing new set of visuals for the Fifth Harmony Angel record here on SuperIndyKings!

Just a few days ago, the group Fifth Harmony premiered their hot new single titled Angel. Now the quartet are back with a dope new set of visuals for their Skrillex produced smash hit single. This new Fifth Harmony Angel record is the second official single to come off their highly anticipated self titled project which is scheduled to drop later this month on August 25th.

For now you can go ahead and press that play to enjoy watching Fifth Harmony’s dope new David Camarena directed cinematic music video for Angel down below. When you’re done watching the music video, make sure you also remember to head over here so you can pre-order a copy of their upcoming Fifth Harmony album and be one of the first to get it when it drops in a couple of weeks.



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