Firewoodisland Dearest Brother (Audio) @Firewoodisland

Stream the soulful new Firewoodisland Dearest Brother record here on SuperIndyKings!

Critically acclaimed Bristol based four piece Firewoodisland is back with a brand new smash hit record. The new Firewoodisland Dearest Brother single is the first taste of new music from their upcoming debut album. While we don’t have a name for the forthcoming album yet, we do know it’s due out in the early part of 2018. So make sure you stay on the lookout for more details coming soon!

Dearest Brother is a awesome folk pop anthem with an inspirational and uplifting message of true friendship. The song leads with delicate guitars before breaking into huge choruses and soaring harmonies. It’s a sound that the band branded as mountain pop music. Complete with a catchy chorus, Firewoodisland’s new song sounds ready for the mainstage at the upcoming music festivals. Push play so you can enjoy listening to the new Firewoodisland Dearest Brother record down below. You can also purchase the record from here.



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