G Perico How You Feel
G Perico How You Feel (Video)

Check out this dope new set of visuals for the G Perico How You Feel track here on SuperIndyKings!

Fresh off the release off his new All Blue album, G Perico decides to keep the new visuals coming. For his latest offering, we’ve received a dope new visual treatment for the G Perico How You Feel track which is definitely a stand out from the album. With each new release, the South Central rapper continues to show off his lyrical skills by painting vivid pictures with his verses.

For his new How You Feel music video, G Perico decided to link up with the director, Patroni Films. In the clean new visuals. the rising hip hop artist can be seen rapping as he chills at an art gallery and takes us through his neighborhood. Things appear to get a little funny when an associate decides to tell the police about some of G Perico’s activities. Press play and check out the dope new G Perico How You Feel music video down below. After you watch the music video, make sure you also head over here and pick up a copy of his All Blue album.



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