Gotti (Trailer)

Make sure you check out the official trailer for the upcoming Gotti movie here on SuperIndyKings!

Actor John Travolta has taken on the role of the infamous John Gotti in an upcoming new movie. The new upcoming Gotti movie is set to hit theaters at the end of the year on December 15th. It will cover a thirty year span of the New York City crime boss’ life. Canadian actor Spencer Lofranco will play the role of the crime boss’s son John Jr. He also narrates the story of his father’s rise to the top of the New York underworld and boss of the Gambino crime family.

John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston also appears as the Teflon Don’s wife in the Kevin Connolly directed film. Press play so you can watch the trailer for the upcoming film down below. Just from the trailer alone, we already know this is going to be an epic crime drama. You can also check out more trailers we’ve covered here.



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