JNTHN STEIN Everything Is A Drug (Audio) @JNTHNSTEIN

You should take a listen to this dope new JNTHN STEIN Everything Is A Drug record here on SuperIndyKings!

Brooklyn based producer, JNTHN STEIN has released the title track as the first official single from his highly anticipated upcoming EP, Everything Is A Drug. This vibrant blending of blues guitar riffs, jazzy piano notes and different offbeat rhythms somehow fuse together perfectly, creating this amazing new JNTHN STEIN Everything Is A Drug record that we’re sure you’re gonna love. And of course, the producer performed every instrument, recorded and produced the record all by himself which only makes this record even more dope.

While we’re waiting for more details about JNTHN STEIN’s upcoming Everything Is A Drug EP, you can go ahead and enjoy listening to the project’s title track down below. When you’re done listening to the record you can head here to add it to your Spotify playlists and head over here so you can purchase a copy of the single.



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