Josh McGovern Love Left Lost (Audio) @JoshMcGovernHQ

You should listen to this smooth new Josh McGovern Love Left Lost record here on SuperIndyKings!

Brighton based singer/ songwriter Josh McGovern releases his brand new single titled Love Left Lost. Serving as his second single, the record follows up Josh’s smash hit debut single, The Devil Below Me. This new Josh McGovern Love Left Lost is a smooth yet dark piece of folk/ americana music. Love Left Lost opens with the singer serenading us with his uniquely deep vocal tones. And is soulful vocals are supported by hushed guitar strums which provide the perfect backdrop. It’s the perfect song to close out the 2017 year considering the intense cold weather gripping our country right now.

With last year being an epic breakout year, 2018 is also poised to be a great year for the singer. If you’re not already familiar with his music, now’s a great time to start following Josh on his musical journey. Go ahead and press play so you can listen to his Love Left Lost record down below. You can also purchase a copy of the record for yourself from here. And of course, stay tuned with us so you can see what Josh McGovern unveils for us in the new year!



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