Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle
Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle (Trailer)

Have you check out this new trailer for the upcoming Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle movie here on SuperIndyKings!

Who doesn’t remember the classic 1995 Jumanji movie starring Robin Williams alongside Kristen Dunst and Bradley Pierce? Well get ready to go on another exciting adventure in the Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle movie dropping this Christmas! The new film is directed by Jake Kasdan while the screenplay is written by Chris McKenna and Jeff Pinkner.

Actors Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black will co-star in the adventure movie along with a few other familiar faces. There’s a few notable changes in the storyline from the classic movie. But it still carries the same basic plot theme of the original Jumanji movie. This time around, four teenagers discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game’s jungle setting. Check out the official trailer for the movie down below and get ready for the new adventure coming your way! The movie hits theaters on December 20th, so until then you will have to enjoy this trailer. But while you’re still here, you can also check out more exciting trailers here.



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