Kevin Gates Imagine That (Video)
Kevin Gates Imagine That (Video)

You should check out this dope new music video for the Kevin Gates Imagine That single here on SuperIndyKings!

Rapper Kevin Gates released his highly anticipated By Any Means 2 project a few days ago, on September 22nd. The project has already brought us the hit singles, Had To and What If. And now the Imagine That track has also been released as an official single from the mixtape. And we’ve also received a dope new set of visuals for the Kevin Gates Imagine That single!

The touching new music video for Imagine That was filmed by the director Pasqual Gutierrez. It’s an all black and white visual that opens with a phone conversation between Kevin Gates and his daughter. The video also includes personal footage shot of Gates’s wife Dreka and their two kids, Islah and Khaza. Press play so you can check out this dope video for Kevin Gates’s Imagine That single down below. Don’t forget you can also pick up a copy of his By Any Means 2 project from here if you haven’t already got it.



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