Leon Of Athens Aeroplane (Audio) @leonofathens

Take a listen to this smooth new Leon Of Athens Aeroplane single here on SuperIndyKings!

Leon Of Athens has released his new song Aeroplane, the first official single to be taken from his forthcoming album, due out sometime later this year. This new Leon Of Athens Aeroplane record leads with somber guitars and a slow kick drum. While the verses create conflicting emotions around love in the digital age, the song breaks into an uplifting, chiming chorus, becoming a hopeful ode to modern day love and its unpredictable highs and lows.

The new single follows up the recently released Xenos record, which is also taken from the new upcoming album. Leon has found inspiration from life within a country that has been facing many challenges during recent years. His music has started to draw in huge crowds in his home country where he has played to audiences of thousands, and has become highly championed. He’s also gained praise from the likes of The Guardian, NME, Q, New York Times and more.

If you’re not already familiar with Leon Of Athens and his music, now is a great time to get familiarized with his talent. Go ahead and press play so you can enjoy listening to the new Leon Of Athens Aeroplane record down below.



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