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Lindsey Stirling The Arena (Video)

Watch this hot new music video for Lindsey Stirling The Arena here on SuperIndyKings

Lindsey Stirling has dropped the first single off her upcoming third studio album which will be titled Brave Enough. This hot new Lindsey Stirling The Arena record comes with an amazing set of visuals.

The Arena is more powerful and mournful then her previous work showcasing a stronger Lindsey Stirling. The song carries some heavy drum sounds and synths along with an electronic bassline. And the music video matches the record perfectly, set in an battleground that looks more like a tragic wasteland. Watch Lindsey Stirling‘s stunning new set of visuals for her latest single, The Arena, down below! Her upcoming album Brave Enough is scheduled for an August 19th release date, but you can pre-order a copy from here.



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