Linkin Park One More Light
Linkin Park One More Light (Video)

You should watch this new music video for the Linkin Park One More Light record here on SuperIndyKings!

The band Linkin Park has officially released the title track of their One More Light album as their next single. The Linkin Park One More Light album dropped earlier this year on May 19th. It instantly shot up to the top of the music charts and was rell received by their fans. Now the guys have unveiled a moving new set of visuals for the album’s title track.

The new One More Light video is in memory of their passing bandmate, Chester Bennington. Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn directed the music video for the record himself. The video features clips of Chester performing the song live at some of their recent concerts. And it also blends in archival footage from previous tours, combining scenes of his most memorable performances. Press play so you can enjoy watching the new video for One More Light down below. After that, you can also head over here and pick up their latest album if you haven’t already got it.



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