The Punisher
Marvel's The Punisher (Trailer)

Watch the new trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher series here on SuperIndyKings!

Marvel and Netflix are teaming up once again to bring us another exciting series, The Punisher. While we haven’t received an official release date yet, we do know the series is dropping before the year ends! We also know that actor Jon Bernthal will be playing the role of Frank Castle, aka Punisher.

As a former marine, Frank Castle is haunted by the murder of his family and becomes a vigilante seeking revenge. While punishing those responsible for the murders, he discovers a military conspiracy that runs deeper than NY’s criminal underground. While we wait for the series official release, you can watch the official trailer down below. You can also watch more exciting and entertaining trailers here. And of course, you can also get more details about the upcoming The Punisher series on Netflix.



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