Mom And Dad
Mom And Dad (Trailer)

Check out the official trailer for the upcoming Mom And Dad movie here on SuperIndyKings!

A new thriller starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair is getting ready to hit theaters so get ready for a scary good time! The upcoming Mom And Dad movie is set to hit theaters everywhere next month. Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur will also star alongside Cage and Blair as their kids. Written and directed by Brian Taylor, the dark comedy finds the actors taking on a particularly lethal role. For a 24 hour period, utter chaos breaks loose as parents everywhere set out to kill their own kids! As the horror unfolds, a teenage girl and her younger brother struggle to survive while hiding from their parents in their home.

When giving an interview about the upcoming horror comedy, Nicolas Cage stated Mom And Dad is his favorite movie that he’s worked on in the last 10 years. So that must mean this is gonna be one heck of a good and action packed movie. The movie will hit theaters near you on January 19th so make sure you go see it! In the meantime, press play so you can watch the official trailer down below. You can also watch more trailers that we’ve covered here.



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