Rahaim The King Homecoming Recap
Rahaim The King Homecoming Recap

Check out this Rahaim The King Homecoming Recap video footage here on SuperIndyKings!

Rising independent emcee Rahaim The King has gained a huge following and a lot of notoriety throughout the hip hop music scene in the Houston, Texas area. Over the past few years he’s stayed consistent and continues to roll out new singles, visuals and freestyles. With his demand at an all time high, Rahaim The King has been performing for sold out shows all over the place, one of his latest performances being at a Homecoming event. You can check out this exclusive footage of the Rahaim The King Homecoming Recap video down below!

Don’t forget Rahaim The King’s highly anticipated new single If I Want To is set to drop later this month on April 28th! The new single features rapper Chedda Da Connect and will be available across all major digital platforms. In the meantime, go ahead and follow Rahaim The King on twitter and instagram to stay caught up on all of his latest updates!



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