New Music: Rick Ross Crocodile Python (Prod. By Jahlil Beats)

With the release of Black Market around the corner, Rick Ross is dropping a bunch of new tracks. Rick Ross Crocodile Python track is the latest single to be released.

Jahlil Beats was called on to produced the record for Rick Ross Crocodile Python delivering a clean back drop of Rick Ross lyrics. All though some may view it as complaining, Rick Ross has no problems letting you know about the troubles that come along with being a boss. From jealousy to spying, Rick Ross makes sure he touches all the bases.

Rick Ross Crocodile Python is track number 7 off his highly anticipated Black Market project which is slated to drop on December 4th. Rick Ross has definitely been on a roll lately drop banger after banger, and Crocodile Python is another great track to add to the list!

Stream Rick Ross Crocodile Python below and don’t forget about pre order your copy of Black Market here!

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