Sarah Darling Where Cowboys Ride
Sarah Darling Where Cowboys Ride (Video)

You can now watch this amazing music video for the Sarah Darling Where Cowboys Ride record here on SuperIndyKings!

Country singer Sarah Darling released her song, Where Cowboys Ride, as one of the leading singles off her new Dream Country album which is out now. This new Sarah Darling Where Cowboys Ride record has become a huge hit single. While she’s from Des Moines, Iowa the song is about the state of Wyoming which she fell in love with when she travelled out there. And of course, she’s also released an amazing set of cinematic visuals to go along with the hit record.

Go ahead and press that play button so you can enjoy Sarah Darling’s official music video for Where Cowboys Ride down below. When you’re done watching the music video, make sure you also head over here so you can pick up a copy of her Dream Country album for yourself if you haven’t already got it.



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