Shawn Mendes Aftertaste
Shawn Mendes Aftertaste (Video)

You should watch this brand new music video for Shawn Mendes Aftertaste here on SuperIndyKings!

Rising pop singer Shawn Mendes finally released his highly anticipated debut album, Handwritten, a few days back. Now he’s back to unveil the next official single from the album, Aftertaste. Which of course means, we’ve also received a new video for the Shawn Mendes Aftertaste record. And this new visual continues with the saga of the singer and his dancing love interest. Making this new Aftertaste visual the fourth installment in the music video series. Of course, it picks up right where his previous music videos left off with the storyline.

While his professional career as a singer/ songwriter is just starting, the talented 16 year old has already proven he’s very talented. If you’re not already familiar with his work, now is a great time to start following Shawn Mendes. Go ahead and press play so you can watch his new video for Aftertaste down below. Don’t forget to also grab a copy of his debut Handwritten album from here.



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