Sir All In My Head
Sir All In My Head (Video)

Have you watched the official video for the Sir All In My Head single featured here on SuperIndyKings yet?

TDE representative Sir released his Her EP in back in October 2016 to rave reviews. Following his signing with the label, the Inglewood native revisited his popular EP to release All In My Head as an official single. The clean production for this Sir All In My Head record was produced by DK The Punisher and Andre Harris. His song offers up a soothing melodic vibe while he serenades us with his soulful vocal tones. All In My Head is definitely a huge hit and one of the fans favorite records of the highly acclaimed EP. The talented artist also released an epic set of visuals to go along with his smooth hit record.

While his song is soothing and melodic, the visual he’s revealed or the record is moody and mysterious. These clean visuals for All In My Head were filmed by the production company, A Plus Filmz. The video was shot in what looks like a dark underground parking lot using a slow motion single shot. It features Sir making his way through the empty lot while performing the record as he sways from side to side. Press play so you can watch the music video for All In My Head down below. And head over here so you can download a copy of his Her EP for yourself.



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