Starlito Don Trip Yeah 5X
Starlito Don Trip Yeah 5X (Video)

Check out this dope new music video for the Starlito Don Trip Yeah 5X single here on SuperIndyKings!

After four long years, Tennessee natives Starlito and Don Trip finally dropped their highly anticipated album, Step Brothers Three, last month on March 15th. One of the standout tracks from the album was this Yeah 5X track which they’ve now released as an official single. For their new music video, Starlito and Don Trip dressed up as the characters Brennan and Dale from the Step Brothers movie. From the quirky clothes to hanging out in a treehouse and playing games, the rappers definitely appear to be having a good time in this funny new Yeah 5X music video.

Go ahead and press play so you can enjoy watching the new Starlito Don Trip Yeah 5X music video down below. When you’re done watching the music video, make sure you also head over here so you can pick up a copy of their new Step Brothers Three album if you haven’t already got it.



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