Stealth How Much Further (Audio) @stealthmusicUK

Take a listen to this amazing new Stealth How Much Further record here on SuperIndyKings!

Stealth is a rising pop singer from Birmingham, United Kingdom that’s poised to take over the music charts with his latest project, the Verse EP. Today we’ve got this amazing new Stealth How Much Further record for you to take a listen to. How Much Further is the third and final single to come off the soulful singer’s new Verse EP. Stealth released his 3 track Verse EP last month on January 13th, you can pick up a copy of the project from here.

How Much Further is a soulful blues record that shows off Stealth’s stunning vocal capabilities as he uses his powerful voice to serenade you. The singer co-wrote and produced the record with Grammy nominated Michael Angelo, creating an anthem that addresses the current political upsets that seems to be gripping everyone around the world. The record also shows Stealth’s growth in his songwriting skills and passion for creating real music that everyone can relate to. Go ahead and press play so you can enjoy listening to his new single How Much Further down below!



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