Superstarpheon My World (Album) @SuperStarPheon

You should check out this brand new Superstarpheon My World album here on SuperIndyKings!

Rising San Diego rapper Superstarpheon just released his third album of the year. His new My World album dropped earlier this month on December 8th and comes with a total of 17 tracks. It also follows up his previously released albums, Flexin For A Check and My Drip. With each new release, Superstarpheon’s fan base continues to grow while he gains a bigger buzz. The independent rapper rocks a majority of the album solo, except for a few tracks that have a guest feature. If you’ve been following Superstarpheon’s music, you should recognize some of the names. Check out the tracklist for this new Superstarpheon My World album below so you can see who makes an appearance.

1.) The Intro
2.) Gang / Gang
3.) Bounce Back
4.) Fast Lane ft. Prolif
5.) They Hate For No Reason
6.) Keys To My City
7.) Confusion
8.) No Reason
9.) Same Thing
10.) Make The World Better ft. Ybezz Daprince
11.) She Got Me
12.) 2020 Thug
13.) 100 Million ft. Prolif
14.) Snapchat Me That Paypal ft. Ybezz Daprince & Prolif
15.) Whats Yo Instagram ft. Prolif
16.) Bran New ft. Prolif, Sikamo & Ordonez
17.) No Control To Control

Now that you’ve seen the tracklist, press play so you can listen to Superstarpheon’s new album down below. You can also purchase a copy of his My World album from here. And of course, you should also stay tuned to see which tracks get a visual treatment.



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