Suzi Analogue Wildflowrr
Suzi Analogue Wildflowrr (Audio)

Take a listen to this hot new Suzi Analogue Wildflowrr record here on SuperIndyKings!

On Monday evening, Miami, FL-based Suzi Analogue shared the lead single and a video from her forthcoming album, “ZONEZ V.3” exclusively on THUMP. In an interview with THUMP, the artist shared that the project “display(s) stories of expansion from the feminine perspective.” As far as the song ‘Wildflowrr’ goes, she wanted “to show the various stages of growth. The video reveals a portrait of a blossoming woman.” Check out the latest from the experimental genius’ vault.

Suzi Analogue’s “ZONEZ TOUR” will kick off tomorrow in Tucson, AZ. For more dates, check the official tour flyer below.



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