Swavy Jay Podcast Episode 5 [Relationships & Budgets] @mjthegreatsd

Check out the Swavy Jay Podcast Episode 5 about Relationships & Budgets here on SuperIndyKings!

San Diego native, MjTheGreatSD comes through to share the latest episode of his Swavy Jay Podcast. The podcast is powered by the online radio station DjsBreakMySingle and us here at SuperIndyKings. In his podcast, the music entrepreneur has been sharing marketing tips with independent music artists about the importance of marketing, branding & investing in your own career. In Swavy Jay Podcast Episode 5, Mj discusses why it’s important to build relationships with other people in the music industry and why you should have your own independent budget to market yourself and your music. Take a listen to the latest episode of the Swavy Jay Podcast down below, and make sure you tune in to DjsBreakMySingle on Saturday’s to catch new episodes of MjTheGreatSD and his Swavy Jay Podcast! You can also follow the station on TuneIn.



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