T Pain & Lil Wayne T Wayne (Mixtape) @TPAIN @LilTunechi

Stream & download the new T Pain & Lil Wayne T Wayne project here on SuperIndyKings!

After years of waiting, T Pain has finally released his long lost collaborative project with Lil Wayne. The T Pain & Lil Wayne T Wayne mixtape only has 8 tracks which is also how many years we’ve waited. They collaborate together effortlessly while blending together hip hop and r&b together perfectly. And while it may have been a super long wait, it does appear to be well worth the wait. After all, T Pain and Lil Wayne did always seem to share a great chemistry together when working on music. Check out the tracklist for the T Wayne down below.

1.) He Rap He Sang
2.) Listen To Me
3.) Damn Damn Damn
4.) Waist Of A Wasp
5.) Oh Yeah
6.) Breathe
7.) Snap Ya Fangas
8.) Heavy Chevy

Now that you’ve seen the tracklist, it’s time to actually listen to the hot project. So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and press play so you can enjoy listening to the T Wayne project down below. You can also download a copy of T Pain and Lil Wayne’s joint mixtape for yourself from here.



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