The New Wale Shine Album Is Out & Available Now @Wale

The brand new Wale Shine album is finally out & you can stream it here on SuperIndyKings!

Washington D.C. native and MMG representative, Wale has finally released his highly anticipated album, which is appropriately titled Shine. Shine is Wale’s fifth official studio album and became available on iTunes a week before the expected release date. Shine also serves as the follow up to Wale’s last project, The Album About Nothing which was released back in 2015. There’s a total of 14 tracks on the new Wale Shine album, including the already released hit singles My PYT and Running Back.

Wale teamed up with some of the hottest names in music for collaborations, creating an album full of fresh, fun and energetic records that are sure to have you grooving along to the beats in no time. Some features on the album include Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Wizkid and Chris Brown just to name a few. On this new album, Wale has proven once again that he’s a real lyrical hip hop emcee with immense talent that should not be ignored! Shine allows you to see Wale’s versatility as he gives you every side of his personality we’ve ever seen.

We get the fly and flashy Wale that shuts down the haters with ease on his opening track, Thank God. We also get the culture loving Wale that comes through his records My Love and Fine Girl which are full of afro beats and other international sounds. Wale even gives us a little bit of Latin flavor with his Colombia Heights track. There’s also a chance to vibe out with his Running Back and Mathematics tracks which bring up the overwhelming sensation to blaze one with some friends. And we’re also treated to the lyrical side of Wale on tracks like C.C. White and Smile. Then there’s the more “radio friendly” records Fashion Week and Heaven On Earth which are both sure to please the ladies. Wale also brought back the “Love Jones Wale” on the single, DNA which is an acronym that we’ll let you figure out on your own.

Shine might just be Wale’s best album to date, so you should most definitely go pick up a copy of it for yourself from here. But in the meantime, you can go ahead and stream the new Wale Shine album in it’s entirety down below!



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