Trivecta Shatterpoint (Audio) @TrivectaMusic

You should take a listen to this hot new Trivecta Shatterpoint single here on SuperIndyKings!

Tampa, Florida native Trivecta has returned with a brand new smash hit single titled Shatterpoint. This new Trivecta Shatterpoint single is a vibrant and creative reinvention of the ethereal dubstep sound we’ve come to expect from him. The track opens with a mix of ambient sounds before we’re hit with the first screaming breakdown. Trivecta perfectly blends together a dark melodic structure with heavy bass, tribal sounds, eastern influences and traditional house in this latest offering.

If you’re not already familiar with Trivecta and some of his previous work, then Shatterpoint is a great way to introduce yourself to this talented artist. You can go ahead and press play and enjoy listening to this hot new Trivecta Shatterpoint record down below. After you finish listening to the record, you can head over here to purchase a copy of the single and it to your collection of music.



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