X Men The New Mutants
X Men The New Mutants (Trailer)

Check out the official trailer for the new X Men The New Mutants movie here on SuperIndyKings!

Get ready to go on another adventure this spring with the upcoming X Men The New Mutants movie! The new action sci-fi movie will serve as the eleventh installment in the X Men series. It will focus on five young mutants in their teens while they begin discovering their powerful abilities. The downside is they’re also trapped in a secret facility where they’re being held against their will. So they have to fight to escape and save their lives while learning how to use their special abilities. The movie doesn’t hit theaters til next year on April 13th. So for now you’ll have to enjoy watching the official trailer down below. And of course, go see it when it hits a theater near you. You can also watch more trailers that we’ve covered here.



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