Zoey Dollaz Post & Delete
Zoey Dollaz Post & Delete ft. Chris Brown (Video)

You should watch this dope new music video for Zoey Dollaz Post & Delete ft. Chris Brown here on SuperIndyKings!

Rapper Zoey Dollaz comes through and drops off a dope new set of visuals for his new single, Post & Delete. The new Zoey Dollaz Post & Delete single features an appearance from r&b singer Chris Brown. The track is also the latest single to come off Zoey Dollaz’s M’ap Boule album which is out now. Zoey Dollaz’s new Post & Delete collaboration with Chris Brown is definitely a standout record from the album. So it’s only right that he would decide to also give the song such an epic visual treatment.

The Post & Delete song almost takes on a whole new meaning when you’re watching it’s new music video. Zoey tackles the issues of social media abuse in today’s society while pointing out how hard it is to maintain any privacy nowadays. Zoey Dollaz and Chris Brown seemed to collaborate together effortlessly on their smash hit record. And that chemistry can also be seen in the clean new cinematic visuals for Post & Delete. Press play so you can enjoy watching the official video for Zoey Dollaz’s new collaboration with Chris Brown down below. Afterwards, you can also head over here and pick up a copy of the rapper’s new M’ap Boule album.



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